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– Beer label design for the Hungarian pubs -




Budapest, the city of pubs, bars and ruin bars. We all have good stories of these places, and we all are connected to them in one way or another. Youngsters, old folks, Hungarians, foreigners, people from Buda or Pest. However, not only do we have stories - these places also have their own history, traditions and characteristics. 


What would A38 be like as a person? Would you be friends with Béla if he was real? I don’t really know the answer to these questions but I found myself toying with the idea: what if the 14 places I collected had their own beer? How would those beer labels look? 


My goal was to depict the mood and visual character of each pub with their respective labels. To that end, I made 14 individual, place-specific, unique labels. 


During the design, I took into account the following rules and preferences.

- I preferred typography.

- The name of the beer must be fictional and place-specific in every case.

- The beer type must appear on the label. 

- Labels must be realistic but the smallprint doesn’t need to be real (I have no clue about beer, actually).



A38 Hajó  |  Beat On The Brat  |  Béla  |  Doboz  |  Dürer Kert  |  Dzzs  |  Kertem  |  Központ  |  Klub Vittula  |   LÄRM  |  Skal |  Neked Csak Dezső Szimpla Kert  |  Telep

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