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Janos Markvart has two wine cellars and farming alone on five hectares. His main products are kadarka and kékfrankos but bikavér, rosé, syrah and cabernet wines are also made here. The cellar which resembles to a car service and the land have rather small extension but their tradition is remarkable:  Janos learned wine-makery from his sill active grandfather and on the hundred year old kadarka grapevines they apply manual cultivation. The family has Swabian origin who always lived near the vineyard and the produced wine.

Janos’ wines can be classified in 3 categories:

Basic: Márkvárt Szekszárdi Vörös, Márkvárt Rozé
Middle: Márkvárt Kadarka, Kékfrankos, Márkvárt Cabernet
Top: Márkvárt Bikavér, Márkvárt Syrah, Márkvárt öregtőkés Kadarka

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